Director of Revenue Enablement

Remote Full TimeMountain View, CA, United States (Remote)Accredible

Mission: To lead revenue enablement across all of Accredible’s go-to-market functions. Including Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Partners and Resellers. Responsible for ensuring that all revenue teams and partners are enabled to sell in the most efficient and effective way possible. Ultimately, driving revenue growth through optimisation of enablement tools.

Outcomes (1 year)

  1. Own and manage the Sales, Customer Success and partner enablement objectives.
  2. Work with the Revenue Operations team to identify and course-correct unfavorable GTM performance metrics by implementing targeted enablement solutions to decrease time to close, improve win rate, etc.
  3. Use training and coaching to improve sales acumen across the organization, upskilling competencies at all levels.
  4. Build a repeatable and valued ongoing training program that all roles within Revenue self-report as useful and engaging.
  5. Build onboarding paths that ramp revenue impacting roles quickly and effectively, consistently reducing time to quota attainment.
  6. Support our COO in the implementation of competency frameworks that showcase and level set career progression in all GTM roles, and standardize training and development opportunities to advance within the various GTM career tracks.
  7. Own and improve the GTM tool kit including the Accredible sales playbook & Gong.
  8. Partner with multiple cross-functional internal teams to ensure all revenue driving roles are fully trained on existing and new products and services.
  9. Hire, coach and manage a team of enablement specialists.


  • Previous experience leading a B2B SaaS revenue/sales enablement function
  • Proven track record of using data to inform decision making
  • Proven experience in coaching and mentoring sales people in order to get them to succeed


Role based:

  • Process driven –You aren’t afraid to build process from scratch and revel in creating process that drives results
  • Coach –You are an exceptional team manager and coach
  • Metric driven – You want to use numbers and data to inform your decision making and drive results.
  • Excellent written & spoken communication: Written communication should be concise but thorough with no spelling/grammatical errors. Spoken communication should be delivered with a professional, friendly tone.
  • Rapport– Fun to talk to, is energizing and positive.
  • Documentation. You excel and enjoy creating documents of process that the team can follow.
  • Client facing. You are able to speak confidently with partners and don’t mind when you’re asked a question for which you weren’t able to prepare.
  • Attention to detail. You do not let important details slip through the cracks.
  • Organization & planning. You plan, organize and schedule in an efficient manner. You know which priorities are important and choose to work on those. You transparently drop things which are lower priority, and focus upon high leverage activities.


  • Results Oriented.Know what you’re trying to achieve, and measure progress.
  • Proactive.Say “I intend to…” instead of waiting for permission.
  • Dependable.Commit responsibly, follow through, and be intentional and open in delegating or dropping tasks where necessary.
  • Prioritizer.Able to make high-leverage impacts on key areas.
  • Bias to Action.Find ways forward and iterate with small steps to move quickly.
  • Humble in feedback and debate.Be more like scientists, and welcome data driven debates that deliver the best possible outcome.
  • Supportive.Understands that we win or lose as a team, and supports those around you.
  • Ambitious.Aims to be the best.
  • Builder.Looks for opportunities to improve processes, people, teams, and everything else.
  • Great Communicator.Be succinct, create space for others to speak, and strive to benefit the atmosphere in a room.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Competitive salary.
  • Paid medical/vision/dental.
  • 35 days annual vacation.
  • Pre-IPO equity shares.
  • Generous sick time and compassionate leave to support our team members’ health needs, and physical and mental well-being.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP).
  • Paid long term disability (LTD) and life insurance.
  • Flexible hours & remote work; while we fully support digital nomads, you must be able to align with your team’s predominant time zones.
  • A high-energy, collaborative, and supportive high-growth organization backed by some of Silicon Valley’s top venture capital investors.
  • Two hours per week (paid) to spend learning anything you like, even if it is not related to your role, plus a budget to spend on learning materials (courses, books, conferences). We love education and we believe in nurturing your growth!
  • A promise to invest in your growth personally and professionally. Wherever you would like to go and whatever you would like to do, we will be there to support you.
  • Many additional perks!

About Us:

Accredible’s solutions enable world-class educational institutions, corporate development and certification programs, professional associations and learning management platforms to issue digital, verifiable credentials, awards, badges and certificates. Through the sharing of credentials on social media platforms, inclusion in on-line professional directories, and customized data on educational and career paths, recipients of digital credentials powered by Accredible are provided control over their learning and professional outcomes.

Our customers include Google, Harvard, MIT, Oxford University, McGraw Hill, Slack, iHop, GMAC, the CFP Board and 1500+ others, on behalf of whom we have issued over 45 million credentials to over 11 million recipients all over the world, with a growth rate of over 1.5 million new credentials issued per month. After first hitting profitability and then raising our Series A, the company has grown from a team of fifteen to a team of 100; we are looking for exceptional people to join us along our path to becoming the world’s primary source of verified credentials and data to drive educational and career journeys. We are looking for exceptional people who will help us expand our extraordinary culture with career experiences represented by our 5-star Glassdoor rating!

  • Open and Inclusive. We welcome people of any gender identity or expression, race, skin color, ethnicity, age, size, nationality, sexual orientation, ability level, neurotype, religion, elder status, family structure, culture, subculture, political views, education level, identity, and self-identification. We welcome teachers, learners, activists, artists, dreamers, doers, ordinary people, extraordinary people, and everyone in between.
  • Remote First.Accredible is truly a global team. From Cape Town to Vancouver, London to San Francisco, our employees live and work in the places that they thrive, wherever they thrive.
  • Growing Strong.We are growing and will continue to expand rapidly. We seek to increase momentum and build a professional, scalable, and efficient team whilst maintaining our friendly, inclusive, and collaborative culture.

We Love What We Do. Our co-founders’ passion for Accredible’s purpose has permeated throughout our organization… and it shows in our culture, our product, and our customer service.

About Accredible

Accredible is the industry-leading digital credentialing platform. Securely issue, manage, track, and verify your credentials faster and more easily for a fraction of the cost. Accredible issues digital certificates on behalf of MIT, Cambridge University, Google, Kaplan University, The Digital Marketing Institute, AFCPE, AIPMM, and over 1,750 other organizations across the world.

  • This position has been filled

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