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Develop your professional skills with high quality Revenue Operations courses and certifications.

Develop your GTM & Revenue Operations skills

There are many Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and Revenue Operations courses and certifications now available for those who want to build a career in this area, learn more to advance their already existing career or maybe build a RevOps services business like I am trying to do. I will list here the courses and certifications I have done, I am currently enrolled in or I am planning to go through in the near future. I will also add some courses I’ve heard good things about, but I haven’t gone through them myself.

HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy

I have 20 HubSpot certifications (some have recently expired and I need to retake) so I highly recommend the HubSpot Academy. I’ve done the Revenue Operations Certification this year and it was a very well structured course that provided a lot of valuable information. It was a bit skewed towards Sales primarily, with marketing and customer success having a smaller footprint, but it’s probably one of the best courses to learn about RevOps out there.

Certified Mastery

Certified Mastery

Certified Mastery is working on developing a series of Inbound and RevOps focused certification programs. Their Inbound program is live (can be preceded by the project charter and content marketing certifications), with the Growth Ops, Inbound Sales and Customer Flywheel certifications in the making.

RevOps Academy

RevOps Academy

Created by experts at Cattle Dog Digital and Sales IQ Global, The RevOps Academy will include courses and certifications that cover all levels of RevOps mastery. Whether you are just getting started or are looking to scale your RevOps departments, processes, or technology, The RevOps Academy provides best of breed education to get you to where you want to be. 


Jen Bergren’s Documentation Course

Documentation is probably one of the most important components of a successful Revenue Operations career as it helps you scale your ops in a more efficient manner. Jen’s Documentation course on Maven is a must have for RevOps professionals. Jen also has her course available on Teachable.

Coastal Consulting

Coastal Consulting

If you want to learn how to integrate HubSpot and Salesforce, make the best use of this integration, and maximize its value with marketing and sales automation, then Coastal Consulting’s HubSpot Salesforce Integration Course might be the best thing for you.


Pavilion University

As a paid member of the Pavilion community I have free access to the intro and the advanced RevOps courses available in the Pavilion University delivered by Rosalyn Santa Elena. I have already registered for the Intro to RevOps Course, which will start in early October, 2022. I will then also go for the Advanced RevOps Course. They also have a Revenue Growth Architecture School that looks extremely interesting and I might go through in the near future.

RevOps Co-op

RevOps Co-op

I’ve heard good things about Unleashing ROI cohort-based course from RevOps Co-op but I haven’t gone through it myself. I am following Jeff Ignacio on LinkedIn as he provides relevant and quality info and thought leadership on Revenue Operations.

SaaSy Sales Leadership

SaaSy Sales Leadership

I’ve also heard good things about SaaSy Sales Leadership courses, especially Sales/Revenue Operations, which I’m considering for myself in the near future. I think they have good quality participants and their alumni network could be a highly valuable networking community, very much like what an MBA program can offer.


RevGenius RevLeague

Although focused more on SDR skills development, RevLeague from RevGenius is a good place if you want to start your career as an SDR in B2B tech Saas companies or develop these specific skills.


MarketingOps Pros

MarketingOps Pros has a series of Marketing Operations courses that are available for those who want to develop their Marketing Operations skills, most of them run by their community members. If you want to develop your Marketing Ops skills, this is a good place to explore.

Winning by Design

WbD Revenue Academy

Winning by Design are the creators of the Science of Revenue operating model for SaaS businesses. They also have a series of open and private courses they offer through their Revenue Academy. There’s huge value in their open source Operating Model for Recurring Revenue Businesses that you don’t want to miss.


LXA (Learning Experience Alliance)

LXA, formely known as Martech Alliance, also has a series of Marketing Operations training courses, as well as a more in-depth Martech MBA program (that includes all their individual courses and covers MarTech, SalesTech and NextTech for both individuals and teams).

Revenue Wizards - RevOps Essentials Course

Revenue Wizards

The RevOps Essentials course is a six-week, cohort-based live class program designed to enhance participants’ understanding of Revenue Operations (RevOps) for 2024. The curriculum combines strategic and operational insights, and soft and hard skills, with live lectures, 6 industry expert guest classes, actionable templates, and optional assignments. Key areas include building and growing a RevOps team, alignment for efficiency, planning and forecasting, data utilization, communication strategies, and leveraging AI in GTM strategies. After these 6 weeks, you become a strategic RevOps! 


Y Combinator Startup School

While not a RevOps dedicated resource, if you want to build a startup you should probably check the Y Combinator Startup School and their courses, library and community. There are other startup resources out there, but I think this one is quite valuable as it’s also free and can help you have a strong pitch deck and apply to their or any other accelerator program.

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