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How to get started with a Revenue Operations career

Usually (but not mandatory), people moving into Revenue Operations roles are coming from other GTM (go-to-market) functions, such as Sales, Marketing, Customer Success or Operations. The benefit of a cross functional position is that people end up in RevOps from different places and perspective, which I consider an advantage. Depending from which function you’re coming from (GTM or other), it helps to start learning more about the other functions involved in RevOps.

What you need to know about RevOps jobs

Revenue operations professionals, and other operations professionals from marketing, sales, or customer success who are transitioning into the role, frequently manage critical processes across tech stacks and teams. They must tackle the heavy lifting of essential revenue processes using software – along with all the accompanying strategy, planning, and execution. (

For example, A RevOps Strategist needs to understand data, processes, and technology that will support GTM teams. Data-minded individuals & strategic or big-picture thinkers who are comfortable working with different technologies and data sets are excellent candidates for RevOps roles.

What companies are looking for in a RevOps job applicant

Companies looking to hire a RevOps professional would probably look for the following, ideal, skillset:

  • A background in revenue operations, sales operations, or business operations.
  • Knowledge of how to optimize sales and marketing software tools and set up complex integrations.
  • Proven experience designing cross-functional processes and workflows that scale.
  • Extensive knowledge of how to organize, sync, and analyze company-wide data.
  • Strong project management, problem-solving, and communication skills.

Develop your Revenue Operations skillset

There are multiple resources out there to help you on a Revenue Operations career path. Salesforce Ben has a detailed article on RevOps professional career paths. I’ll also list a few courses and certifications that I consider important and easy to access. As I’m a HubSpot partner, the HubSpot Academy Revenue Operations certification is high on my list of resources. Pavillion, a RevOps community I am part of, also offers an introductory and advanced course on RevOps. RevOps Co-op, another community I follow, also offers a course on unleashing the ROI of RevOps. If you like to learn by listening to podcasts, there are also multiple options to learn this way as well.

Of course, the best way to learn is always to do it yourself, so I highly recommend you to just take a leap of faith and apply for a RevOps job opportunity or pitch for a freelance project through TechMarketersUpwork, Fiverr or other similar platforms. If you need help with anything, there are multiple RevOps communities you can join to ask questions and get answers from other RevOps professionals. Don’t be afraid, people do succeed in RevOps roles even against the odds!

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