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RevOps career opportunities are growing fast all around the world in 2023

The recently published LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise Report, which analyzed data from 28 countries, shows that, despite the recent layoffs, tech jobs continue to be some of the fastest-growing professional opportunities worldwide, closely followed by core business functions, such as Growth and Revenue Operations. The LinkedIn Report looked at the job titles with the fastest growth in the first half of 2021 in countries across the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Tech jobs on the rise include almost all areas of engineering, from cloud engineers to security and AI. However, the hottest tech job in 24 out of the 28 analyzed countries was that of data engineer, closely followed by site reliability engineer. Gender inequality still plagues tech jobs everywhere, with percentages from an optimistic 33% of solutions engineers being women in Italy to the abysmal 6% site reliability engineers in Switzerland and 7% back-end developers in Colombia.

Sales/Business Development, Growth Management, and Customer Success jobs surfaced at the top of the fast-growing career opportunities as well. This was the case in 20 out of 28 countries for Sales Development Representatives, which topped the charts in five countries, among which Italy and Singapore. Business Development Representatives were also among the hottest jobs in 13 countries.

Growth Marketing Manager was the number one fastest-growing position in Canada and France, while India, Mexico, and the United Kingdom had Head of Growth or Chief Growth Officer in their top 10. In the United States, the Head of Revenue Operations job took first place as the fastest-growing career opportunity as well. Alongside growth and revenue operations optimization, companies are also doing their best to keep their existing customers happy, so 25 out of the 28 countries analyzed had Customer Success jobs as some of their fastest-growing career opportunities.

The 25 fastest-growing job titles in the United States

Head of Revenue Operations turned out to be the top fastest-growing career opportunity in the US in the LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise Report. In some small to medium-sized companies, the position is called Head of Revenue Management, while in larger organizations this role is usually that of the Chief Revenue Officer. If you’re not already familiar with the role of Revenue Operations and why it is important for organizations, especially in these troubled times, check out the article on this blog or the resources section of the site.

According to the LinkedIn report, the top locations hiring Revenue Operations professionals in the US are the traditional tech startup-centric Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. Gender distribution in these roles looks much better as compared to tech jobs, with women occupying 36% of the jobs and men still representing the majority, with 64%. Professionals in these roles have 5-6+ years of prior experience and usually come from other business functions like Sales, Marketing, or Business Operations.

Three out of the top five fastest-growing jobs in the US are people-focused roles, such as HR Analytics Manager, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, and Employee Experience Manager. These show us that companies are investing more in keeping their workforce happier, and more inclusive. Very particular to the US, Truck Drivers are the 4th fastest-growing professional category.

Among the top 25 fastest-growing job titles in the United States, there are a lot of go-to-market professional roles. Sales Enablement Specialists, Growth Marketing Managers, and Data Governance Managers are in the top 10. Strategy & Operations Managers, Sales Development Representatives, Online Campaign Managers, Customer Marketing Managers, Customer Success Associates, and Channel Account Executives are also present in the top 25.

Top professional roles growing fast in demand in Europe

GTM jobs are the hottest jobs in Europe as well, with Growth Marketing Managers, SDR/BDRs, Account Executives, Customer Success Managers, or Product Operations Managers topping the charts in the majority of European countries. Unexpectedly, Switzerland is the only country from those studied in Europe where engineering jobs are at the top. Sales Development jobs are still predominately filled by males, with only 34% and 36% of them being covered by women in the Netherlands and Germany, but 54% in Italy, which scores high again in gender balance.

In the United Kingdom, among the 25 fastest-growing job titles we find the Customer Success Consultant at number 1, with the Sales Development Representative, the Chief Growth Officer, the Enterprise Account Executive, the Growth Marketing Manager, and the Business Development Representative in the top 10 as well. While the Data Governance Manager, probably one of the most important roles in Revenue Operations, at least in my opinion, is in the top 10 fastest-growing jobs in the US, in the UK it only reaches the 24th position, telling us that the Americans seem to care more about data quality as compared with their fellow Brits.

Cybersecurity and Sustainability are also key roles for companies

The LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise Report shows that Cybersecurity roles are in high demand all over the world in 2023 as well, as companies face more and more security threats than ever before. In Singapore, Brazil, and Chile, cybersecurity specialists were in the top 10 fastest-growing professional roles, while in 17 out of the 28 countries, these roles we among the top 25 job titles in high demand.

Companies are also trying to focus more on sustainability, especially in Europe, where in 7 out of 9 countries these roles were among the top 25 fastest-growing job titles. The numbers are in line with LinkedIn’s Global Green Skills Report from 2022, which found that the share of “green talent” among the global workforce grew from 9.6% in 2015 to 13.3% in 2022, an optimistic 38.5% growth rate.

How can you use this for your own career?

If you’re looking to position yourself in a highly sought professional role, these fastest-growing job titles are a very good short list to start with. If you’re thinking about moving into Revenue Operations from other GTM roles, now is the best time to improve your skill set, get some certifications and get involved with relevant RevOps communities where a lot of opportunities are exchanged among members.

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