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What is the role of Revenue Operations and why is it important?

Most companies usually function with disconnected go to market business functions and their integration is not a priority, especially in a fast paced growth environment where revenue growth is highly important and the sales team is in the company’s spotlight. As companies mature, it becomes important to get the sales, marketing and customer success functions working in unison to achieve a collective result more powerful than their collective parts.

The RevOps Role

According to Clari, “the role of Revenue Operations is to deliver visibility across the entire revenue team, improve efficiency across the revenue process, drive revenue predictability, and achieve revenue growth.” Gartner defines RevOps as the modern operating model of fast-forward organizations.

Through better collaboration and visibility, RevOps looks to close the numerous and various gaps across people, data, processes, technology, and team accountability through improved operational efficiency. This will drive a more cohesive business by unifying teams through shared goals and by sharing information (source: HubSpot RevOps Strategy Guide – a HubSpot Partner enablement resource).

From Clari again, “in addition to better collaboration and more predictable business growth, companies that align all go-to-market functions outperform those that don’t. Top B2B tech companies that leaned on revenue ops to accelerate their growth experienced significant benefits, including 10% to 20% increases in sales productivity and 100% to 200% increases in digital marketing ROI, according to Boston Consulting Group.”

The benefits of Revenue Operations

The five benefits of RevOps, as defined by HubsSpot in one of their resources for their partners, are the following:

  • Complete visibility and accountability across all teams
  • A single source of truth shared by everyone
  • Data-driven decision-making and better collaboration
  • Better customer experience leading to higher win rates and faster sales cycles
  • More consistent and predictable pipeline and business growth

Revenue Operations is a framework to aid in the growth of your business, so the earlier this framework is considered (and applied), the easier it will be to align your internal resources, which reduces the friction when the time comes to scale in earnest. The earlier you can justify, the quicker you can scale. Get the right people in to help you run faster.

From the Customer Acquisition and RevOps Team Benchmarksreport by and RevOps Squared, “when a Revenue Operations function is introduced, 21% of companies see both increased alignment and productivity (which often increases operating margin as measured by revenue per employee), with another 13% experiencing increased revenue growth. Sales and Marketing alignment also benefits, with 21% of companies seeing an improvement in alignment between teams.”

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