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Explore various Revenue Operations communities in the list below.

Below there are links to some of the top Revenue Operations or related communities I know, I am an active member or I have interacted with in the past years. There are probably more RevOps communities out there that I haven’t found yet. If you know of any quality community that should be listed in this page, please let me know.


HubSpot Community

My favorite RevOps (and not only) community is the HubSpot Community. There are tons of helpful people here and a ton of resources and discussions that can provide valuable insights on everything related to HubSpot, RevOps, CRMs and other connected topics. You can stay connected with all the HubSpot product updates or learn more about inbound marketing, sales or customer success from the HubSpot Academy.

RevOps Co-op

RevOps Co-op is a community for RevOps pros with resources and events for those who love RevOps. It’s quite an active community (as well as big, more than 6k users in their Slack account) with a lot of events organized. They also offer RevOps consultancy services powered by Carabiner Group, a RevOps consulting agency. They also recruit RevOps consultants in their network and can facilitate acces to work projects.

Certified Mastery

Certified Mastery

Certified Mastery is a collaborative peer and mentor based educational program that will help you make an impact at work and advance your career. They also have a pretty active community that you can join for free, and they organize weekly and informal online events where they discuss RevOps and Inbound.

Sales Enablement Collective

Sales Enablement Collective

Sales Enablement Collective is growing, global community connecting and empowering sales enablement specialists. They also organize multiple events (online webinars and in person events), their biggest one being Sales Enablement World Summit, which takes places in major cities all around the world.


Pavilion is a professional community of leaders in the Revenue Operations space. They offer multiple benefits to their paid members, such as free access to some of their courses and events, as well as quality interactions with similar professionals such as yourself through their Slack channels and in person events. Since I’ve joined this community as a paid member I’ve had quality interactions in the Slack community, access to a lot of useful resources (templates, guides, etc.) and I’ve also registered for some their RevOps courses.



RevGenius is a Revenue Operations community with both free and paid membership that focuses on SaaS companies. They have a free Slack community where people interact and share relevant RevOps resources, as well as paid RevOps career development, cohort-based, learning memberships. They also organize multiple events, including the RevCon Conference that will take place mid October, 2022.



RevOperators (RO) brings together sales, marketing, and growth leaders to interact, share, and collaborate toward creating, managing, and growing revenue for their companies.


MarketingOps Pros

MarketingOps Pros is a community-led platform for Marketing Ops professionals that aims to take Marketing Operations to the next level. They offer a series of learning courses and they also have a paid membership that offer additional benefits to its community.

Wizards of Ops

Wizards of Ops

Wizards of Ops is a community created “for the love of Ops.” They also have a high quality Slack community for operations professionals to gather, question, and share their expertise. There mission is to bring like-minded operations professionals together and i think they did a pretty good job to achieve it. Below is a quote from their about page on how it all started.

Trenches Community

The Trenches

While not a Revenue Operations community, The Trenches is a community of B2B marketers who are in the trenches every day, getting their hands dirty growing B2B companies with high ACV and long sales cycles. They have a very active and high quality Slack channels (helpul folks to which you can share your work and receive feedback) where they talk about all key aspects of B2B marketing, such as GTM strategy, demand generation, ABM, lead nurturing, buyer’s journey, marketing sourced leads, marketing attribution and others.


OpsStars Community

OpsStars is a thriving community of revenue-focused operations practitioners and executives, backed by LeanData. They organize in person events, like the OpsStars annual conference.


Learning Experience Alliance

LXA (formerly known as the Martech Alliance) is a community of MarTech professionals (but not only, they also include SalesTech and NextTech) that focuses a lot on learning and events.

Some of the RevOps jobs posted on this site have been curated from within these communities listed above. Since I am a paid member of Pavilion, if you want to join this community and click on the affiliated link in this page I will get a small monetary reward.

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