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If you want to improve your Revenue Operations skills or just find out more about this subject, this page will provide a curated list of RevOps resources from around the Internet. You will also find on our site answers to some frequently asked questions, blog articles, courses and certifications, guides and ebooks that will help you through your Revenue Operations professional development learning process. You will also find a list of relevant and high quality Revenue Operations communities that you can join and learn from.

Learn more about Revenue Operations

If you’re new to RevOps you might want to learn more about it before deciding to pursue a career in this field. There are tons of articles you can read on this topic, I am only listing a few of them that I found to be of good quality and from which I’ve learned myself as well. This is not a comprehensive list and I will add to it when I remember other resources I’ve read or when I find additional, valuable articles.

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Rev Ops Courses & Certifications

There are many Revenue Operations courses and certifications available for those who want to build a career in this area. I have done several of these myself and there are a few others I plan to pursue in the future. If you know of additional courses and certifications that could be added to this list, please let me know.

Top RevOps Communities

I’ve put together a page with some of the top Revenue Operations, Marketing Operations or just Operations communities I know of or I am an active member of and that I think will be interesting for you as well. There should be other quality communities out there so if you know of any that I should add to my list, please let me know.

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