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We’re looking for someone with a very good (i.e. near-native) level in English AND French. If it’s not your case, please don’t apply, as it is a hard requirement (there will be other roles that may be a fit for you in the future!).

✨ The most exciting parts

  • Customer Success is changing at Figures 💪As we attract larger clients and add new products, we need to move from reactive to proactive, and have big ideas about how to do this. Getting customers up and running, delighted, and then healthy ahead of renewal is a top priority for Figures. We’re at the beginning of a new chapter, working closely with Sales to build a class-leading revenue function, and it is a great opportunity to join and have a big impact.
  • Strong ownership, quick personal growth & huge (positive) impact🙌 Our company’s early stage offers lots of ownership and opportunities to learn & grow. You’ll work in a small team of 4 CSMs, collaborating closely with the product team and many other stakeholders across the business. We also strongly believe in the social impact of Figures – creating transparency & fairness around compensation and reducing market inequalities like the gender pay gap (check out this Sifted article, powered by Figures).
  • Greatteammates & work environment 🙏🏽 We take our “Why so serious?” value seriously, offer a ton of flexibility, and work a 9-day-fortnight.
  • Taking risks means high rewards🤑 Your equity grant will have a big potential financial upside.

🔮 About us – Fair pay, the simple way

Created in October 2020 by Virgile & Bastien, Figures is Europe’s leading compensation management platform, helping companies to make fair and efficient salary decisions.

We do that by providing them with reliable up-to-date (real-time) compensation data and the right tooling to manage their compensation process.

As of today, we are a team of 35 people, helping 1000+ companies all over Europe (with France, the UK and Germany being our core markets). We raised €6.8m in September 2022 to accelerate our expansion.

Our goal is now two-fold:

  • Cement our position as the main European compensation platform.
  • Continue to expand our product to compensation management as a whole.

🛠️ Your role & responsibilities

As a Customer Success Manager, your role will be to manage and nurture the relationships with a portfolio of approximately 200 customers (SMB, mid-market & enterprise), ensuring they achieve their strategic objectives through our platform.

Ultimately, your performance will be measured on the health of your book of business, client success following onboarding, and the Net Revenue Retention rate.

In more detail, you will be responsible for:

  • Onboarding and training– you’ll run kick-off meetings to align on success objectives, assist with the technical setup of our platform, and conduct comprehensive training sessions to empower users with the skills they need for success.
  • Adoption and Account Health– you’ll monitor client usage and intervene proactively to promote full adoption of our solutions. You’ll be responsible for maintaining the overall health of your accounts, ensuring high levels of engagement and satisfaction.
  • Strategic Reviews and Renewals– you’ll conduct regular check-ins and executive business reviews, especially with mid-market and enterprise accounts. You will play a crucial role in the renewal process, identifying opportunities for account growth and facilitating smooth transitions to the sales team.
  • CustomerAdvocacy and Feedback Loop – you’ll act as the voice of the customer within Figures, bringing valuable insights to our Product and Tech teams. Simultaneously, represent our values and decisions to clients, ensuring a two-way communication channel.
  • ProductSupport – you’ll participate in our support rotation system (currently 1 week per month).

🧩 What we look for

  • Experience:3-4 years overall, with at least 1 year as a Customer Success Manager. Familiarity with mid-market clients and managing a portfolio of at least 50-100 accounts.
  • Background:proven track record in a start-up or scale-up environment. Experience in remote work is a plus.
  • Skills:
  • Data literacy and analytical ability.
  • Proficiency in CRM tools.
  • Strong skills in stakeholder management, negotiation, and conflict resolution.
  • Adaptability and strategic mindset.
  • Excellent communication and near-native level in English & French.
  • Alignment with our values:you have a strong sense of ownership, you are pragmatic & you are at ease to give and receive feedback (while not taking yourself too seriously!).
  • You are based in one of the following countries: France, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, UK, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary & Serbia (or willing to relocate).
  • You are comfortableworking remotely.

💰 Compensation & Perks 🎁

You can find all details about our compensation policy here.

👉🏼 France:

  • Intermediate level: from €41,900 to €51,300
  • Senior level: from €48,300 to €61,700

👉🏼 UK:

  • Intermediate level: from £45,000 to £55,000
  • Senior level: from £59,000 to £76,000

👉🏼 Germany:

  • Intermediate level: from €50,000 to €62,000
  • Senior level: from €57,000 to €72,000

👉🏼 Netherlands:

  • Intermediate level: from €43,000 to €53,000
  • Senior level: from €53,000 to €67,000

❗It’s base salary, we don’t have any individual bonus in our Customer Success team.

⚠️ For people who live outside of those countries, we’ll adjust the compensation based on the local Market data we have or we’ll use our Global Salary Convertor’s cost of labor.

  • Above-market equity. We allocate 14% of our company towards employee grants, which is considerably above market practices (the average equity pool size is a bit less than 10%).

👉🏼 0.16% to 0.26% ownership of the company, depending on your seniority level.

  • Company incentive program (profit sharing plan).

👉🏼 We believe in a collective sharing of Figures’ success. The purpose of this bonus is to associate employees collectively with the results and/or performance of the company.

👉🏼 The bonus potential is €3,000.

  • Above-market benefits & perks.

We’ve been Flexified, so you can trust that we’re a truly flexible workplace. More details here!

  1. Generous time off policy.25 days of annual paid time off + 1 extra day off every fortnight (we apply a “9-day fortnight” schedule: we get Wednesday or Friday off every other week – learn more about it here!).
  2. Remote-first company (in Europe) with regular opportunities to meet. 3 offsites per year, remote trips with some of your colleagues, dedicated coworking / “visit the Paris HQ” budget. Everything you need to know about it is documented here!
  3. Premium Health Insurance & Pension. Each country has its specificities.
  4. €5Daily Meal Vouchers. It’s a very French thing, everyone will enjoy this benefit!
  5. Commuting expenses. For people based in Paris: 100% taken care of by Figures.
  6. Sustainable mobility allowance.For people based in Paris: €35 per month if you use one of the eligible transportation to commute to the office.
  7. Sports subscription/allowance. Sport is pretty much anchored in Figures’ values, so we made it part of our perks: 40€ / month, or Gymlib subscription in France.
  8. Chronic illness leave: to support those who may suffer from chronic illness (such as endometriosis, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, etc.), we give them the flexibility to have an additional monthly leave to be used at their discretion.
  9. Maternity & parental leave: our basis is the French market minimum, but if you’re in a country with better ones, we’ll align your perks on it, hoping that someday we’ll all be aligned to German standards. 🙌 On top of that:

👉🏼 1-month parental leave for the second parent paid at 100% of the salary.

👉🏼 1-month worked part-time (50%) but paid at 100% when returning from maternity leave.

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