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In this role, you will be focused on developing content that articulates the feature, attributes, and benefits HRC products drive for its customers. You will work in close collaboration with Product Managers, Engineering, Digital Transformation, and other marketing teams within High Radius to build and take this content to market. The content you develop will be leveraged by other teams such as Regional Campaign Teams, Experiential Marketing teams, Social Media, and Sales teams to drive effective education of customers and engage them to drive the adoption of HRC products. This role requires a marketing professional who has experience in developing B2B marketing content across the sales lifecycle

Content Development and Engagement

Creating Content that will drive customer engagement across the Sales Lifecycle of different HighRadius products will be central to this role. On the Content Development front, here is what the CMA will be responsible for:

  • Single-threaded focus on executing as per an editorial based on a Product GTM or a marketing program/ outreach.
  • Content creation across different formats, including print, digital, audio, and visual. They should be able to whip up a long format as easily as they can write an ad copy. ● Developing Search Engine Optimized Content
  • Smart repurposing of content for different media and drive reuse of large format content
  • Continually engage Sales, Digital Transformation Teams, Field Marketing Teams, and Customers to capture meaningful information that will drive content creation including Case Studies, Webinars, Testimonials, and Podcasts.
  • Continually engage Sales, Field, and Campaign Marketing teams to drive the adoption of new content.
  • Ability to analyze the efficacy of content by leveraging different measurement metrics such as Web Traffic, Content Download, Form Fill data, MQLs, and SQLs that resulted from a specific campaign.
  • Drive improvements in content based on the above analysis.

Sales Enablement

Our sales teams are a hungry lot and are always on the lookout for content and means through which they can effectively engage customers and drive product adoption. The Content Marketing Analyst will be required to:

  • Help Sales teams with bespoke content that enables them to drive deeper engagement with customers.
  • Build a repository of content that can leverage a self-serve model to drive engagement with customers. HighRadius Corporation

Market, Customer, And Competitive Analysis

Operating in an industry that is growing at a breakneck pace means that we always need to be ahead of the curve. To ensure that the Content Marketing Analyst is creating content that is contextual and in line with market developments and evolving customer requirements, they will be required to:

  • Ability to carry out primary and secondary research to create documentation that will help provide a concurrent view of how the market and customer needs are evolving.
  • Articulate and document how competitors are responding to changing market scenarios with new messaging, campaigns, and differentiation narratives.
  • Ideate with respective Product Marketing Manager to create messaging and content to counter competitor content.

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