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HubSpot’s mission is to Help Millions of Organizations Grow Better. HubSpot’s Revenue Operations team is core to this goal, supporting the HubSpotters who attract, engage, and delight HubSpot’s customers.

We believe in the power of data to drive effective decision-making. We leverage data for both day-to-day operations (improving efficiency by surfacing the right data at the right time) and for strategy (fostering deep understanding of what makes our flywheel spin, and projecting how to spin it faster in the future). In this role, you’ll report to the RevOps VP of Data as a founding member of the newly unified GTM data team spanning Sales, and Customer Success with close alignment to Marketing. You’ll work closely with analytics engineers, data analysts, and data scientists to craft the vision of how to bring together HubSpot’s previously siloed functional teams into a unified, scalable data architecture across our modern data stack (Snowflake, dbt, Monte Carlo, Looker).

Success in this role requires curiosity and attention to detail to dive into understanding how each functional team (i.e. Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, etc.) is using their data, as well as the big-picture thinking to zoom back out and put forward a vision for a cohesive framework. You’ll need to have an eye for developing structure from ambiguity, though you won’t have to do it alone: HubSpot’s analytics engineers have lots of insights and ideas to share, and we’re looking for someone whose full-time focus will be bringing those ideas to life.

In this role, you’ll get to:

  • Dig deep into the HubSpot data stack and craft a vision for a scalable, effective architecture
  • Work across functional areas and nodes in the stack, provide a clear perspective on prioritization based off of both risk and ROI assessments
  • Identify opportunities to improve the structure of our projects (dbt and Looker repos especially) to improve clarity and collaboration and reduce duplicated effort
  • Break down silo walls by looking across different teams’ use of the same data (think: sales transactions, customer segmentations, prospect scoring) and identifying high-ROI areas for consolidation
  • “Influence without authority” to RevOps’s peer teams (finance, product analytics) to champion a cohesive data strategy even across departmental boundaries
  • Provide a clear perspective on where in the pipeline certain transformation types should occur (e.g. staging, broad use-case development, niche development, one-off development)
  • Perform technical development to revamp and clarify especially muddy areas, and provide good examples for analytics engineers to work from
  • Collaborate closely with senior and principal analytics engineers who are subject matter experts in their areas, leveraging their topic-specific expertise to build a cross-functional vision
  • Collaborate closely with the central data team’s data engineers and identify high-ROI opportunities for improving data ingestion practices and/or infrastructure
  • Translate the architectural vision into a plan of execution, and share both with HubSpot’s analytics engineers to foster clarity and alignment
  • Identify gaps and advance best practices and standardization for documentation and testing
  • Work with the teams to enable and instruct team members on best practices and ensure alignment with the architectural vision and plan

We’re looking for people who have:

  • Demonstrated success implementing and/or improving a medium or large scale data transformation project in dbt (must demonstrate a high degree of influence over design patterns used, and a broad familiarity with design patterns available)
  • Extensive experience with building and refactoring complex Looker projects, preferably in a go-to-market and/or operations environment
  • Strong understanding of available design patterns (both within and without HubSpot’s existing data stack) for data transformation, visualization, and analysis
  • Demonstrated success promoting coding standards and architectural best practices throughout diverse teams
  • Experience designing and implementing KPI/metric semantic layers and familiarity with multiple tools in this space
  • Deep curiosity for how data is used both in day-to-day operations and in long-term strategy
  • Flexible thinking to work within the constraints of HubSpot’s infrastructure and identify the highest ROI opportunities for our specific infrastructure (At our scale, the cost of significant infrastructure changes or tool replacements is extremely high.)
  • Strong focus on incremental development, taking high-ROI steps quickly, a mindset that “perfect is the enemy of good”
  • A flexible approach to planning and roadmapping that balances planning for what we can predict and remaining adaptable for what we can’t (e.g. setting time aside for triaging and diagnosing data quality issues that arise unexpectedly)
  • Strong technical communication skills (e.g. succinctly describing specifics in a way that will click with analytics engineers)
  • Strong vision-based communication skills (e.g. identifying and clearly articulating the key aspects of a strategy in a way that a non-technical executive can get onboard)

Above and beyond qualifications:

  • Demonstrated success as a lead architect (and/or sales architect) of multiple data transformation projects in dbt
  • Demonstrated success developing frameworks for software as a service operations and/or finances, especially churn models, net new revenue models, transaction-based models, etc
  • Demonstrated success in an enterprise data environment, especially with scale-based constraints (e.g. high cost to train new practices, high cost to change or migrate tools, etc)
  • Experience implementing CI/CD in dbt workflows

We know the confidence gap and imposter syndrome can get in the way of meeting spectacular candidates, so please don’t hesitate to apply — we’d love to hear from you.

If you need assistance or an accommodation due to a disability, please email us at [email protected]This information will be treated as confidential and used only for the purpose of determining an appropriate accommodation for the interview process.

Important COVID-19 Guidance (For candidates applying to roles in the United States):

Per HubSpot’s policy all employees who wish to work @office or @flex or to visit an office in-person must be fully-vaccinated. At this time, @remote employees are not required to be vaccinated.

Germany Applicants: (m/f/d) – link to HubSpot’s Career Diversity page here.

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