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How to tell if this job is the right fit

  • You wish to work in an environment where colleagues are professional, good at what they do, funny, supportive, and focused on product development and performance
  • You are independent, self-directed, and value work that allows you to be creative
  • You want to keep your industry knowledge ahead of the market
  • You breathe digital and yearn for an environment of like-minded people

Congratulations! You just found the right place.

What In Marketing We Trust is all about

We’re a technical performance marketing agency, and we exist to solve tough problems in marketing. We bring an engineering mindset to complex marketing situations to deliver scalable performance that generates an exponential return on investment.

Trust is in our name and is our guiding principle. To deliver on our purpose, we conduct our business by the following Code of Ethics:

  • Build trust through every interaction with every person
  • Always deliver in the best interest of our clients
  • Invest in the success of every team member
  • Build long-term relationships with our partners

Delivering these foundational codes will fund our continued growth.

What our internal culture looks like

Let’s hear from our employees on why they chose to join and stay:

  • A good management team creates growth opportunities, embodies company values, and understands people’s pain points
  • A nice, dedicated, supportive (and funny) team with years of experience, therefore, really good at what they do
  • Flexibility in working hours, working location, no micromanaging, and you can take full ownership of your work
  • Very good processes and clear expectations

Why this role exists

This role is for maternity cover and has a 1-year contract; the contract starting period is at the beginning of March 2023 and lasts until March 2024. Based on performance and agency requirements, this could be an ongoing engagement.

The Head of Paid Media will possess the leadership attributes required to successfully manage the team, client relationships and understand the strategies for adding roles to create efficiencies in their growing operation to help drive profitability.

The Head of Paid Media will manage, assess and improve existing initiatives and devise new strategies to increase gross profit, drive sustainable client relationships and scale the business.

The Head of Paid Media will also be responsible for creating and evolving a team culture that is collaborative, solution-focused and performance-driven.

This role is a leadership role focused on driving the team to deliver an outcome.

What you will be accountable for

You will lead the Paid Media stream at In Marketing We Trust.

The Head of Paid Media ensures that teams are engaged and have the right training and setup to drive positive results for In Marketing We Trust and its clients.

The Head of Paid Media keeps teams updated regarding strategic developments and operational targets, ensuring teams have the resources, systems, support, and knowledge to achieve goals.


Individual Key Objectives

  • Ensure a profitable, effective and scalable paid media delivery function
  • Participate in the definition of stream strategic plans and ensure their implementation
  • Lead the paid media delivery team (recruitment, training and management)
  • Lead the day-to-day paid media delivery operations
  • Ensure client satisfaction and quality standards for delivery
  • Work with other team leaders to design and execute digital marketing strategies in line with up-to-date industry standards
  • Help the business win new accounts and growth opportunities with existing clients

Functional / Team Management Objectives

Set targets, plan budgets, control operational expenditure, recruits, train, and inspires their team, creating and driving marketing campaigns across several digital channels while building strong relationships with clients.



  • Actively participate in designing and implementing a sound stream plan; initiates improvements necessary for high-quality succession planning at all levels of the organisation
  • Provides advice and recommendations to the business partners about business development, revenue opportunities, policies, procedures, etc.


  • Be responsible for the stream P&L for Cost of Service/Cost of Goods Sold
  • Reach Revenue and financial multiplier targets
  • Analyse financial statements and establish controls to safeguard good financial management related to the delivery of services

Team management

  • Recruit, manage and develop your team members to form a cohesive team capable of delivering high-quality digital marketing work
  • Communicate performance expectations and support the team by building required competencies, providing feedback, and managing behaviours and performance gaps
  • Monitor individual & team performance and workload, address learning and development needs and manage performance issues

Delivery of Services & Client Management

  • Develop digital strategies focused on growing our client’s business using a range of channels working together in coherent strategies
  • Develop/ upgrade processes, templates and solutions to do our work better
  • Ensure client retention and develop and foster a mutually-beneficial partnership between clients and In Marketing We Trust
  • Stay abreast of changes in the market, leverage this dynamic environment to create opportunities for In Marketing We Trust and clients
  • Ensures the highest standards for services and consistently ensures that operations comply with all applicable laws
  • Help the business win new accounts and growth opportunities with existing clients and new clients

How you will be measured

  • Paid client retention > 90%
  • Team productivity
  • Client satisfaction
  • Team training

Who you’ll be working with

  • 2 more specialists in the Paid Media team & freelancers
  • This role requires client-facing meetings, with the involvement of the client’s internal marketing team
  • The leadership team includes the: Head of SEO, Head of Analytics, Head of Data & Engineering, Head of Client Services, Head of Digital, Head of Corporate Services, CIO & CEO
  • The Corporate Services team for daily operations and recruitment needs
  • The Business Development team for sales pitching

What knowledge and skills are required to be successful

  • 5+ years of experience executing high-performing Google Ads and paid social campaigns with at least 2 years in marketing/digital agencies
  • Valid certification in Google Ads (to date)
  • Experience in a leadership role or similar position for at least 1 year
  • Experience in managing a full portfolio of clients (of at least 5 accounts) across platforms, with at least 2 enterprise clients (clients with yearly revenue of more than 10M AUD)
  • Experience in designing and executing paid strategies
  • Experience working in remote teams and/or freelancing
  • Needs to be a self-starter who strives to learn, rolls up their sleeves to actively pursue problems, and is motivated to achieve outcomes with hands-on execution and capable management
  • Eager to deliver business results and strives to be accountable and provide visibility to the broader team around outcomes
  • Position title:  Head of Paid Media
  • Department: Digital Delivery
  • Report to: Head of Digital
  • Direct report: 2 Senior Paid Media specialists & 2-3 more freelancers
  • Contract Period: Maternity cover, March 2023 – Feb/March 2024
  • Days/Hours: Full-time | Fixed Term

Employment type: Full-time if you live and work in Australia with an AUS tax number. Contractor If you’re outside of Australia and don’t have an AUS tax registration number. Please see the difference in our FAQ.

Targeted timezones/locations: GMT+7, +8, +9, +10, +11, +12

Note: only applications within the targeted time zones/locations are processed.

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  • This position has been filled

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